Commissioner Statement

Good evening everyone!! What a great event going on tonight between these two incredible Clubs. As you all know, the AWC’s various champions will be scheduled in the coming weeks to defend their titles. In some cases a clear number one contender exists. In other cases there is quite a bit of debate and uncertainty as to which fighter deserves the opportunity to fight for the title.

Let me first announce that the Pacific Club Champion Bao, who has successfully defended her title several times, will be scheduled to match up against Anushka. There have been many arguments made on behalf of our fighters in the Club, but Anushka deserves another shot at Bao. The Club has also announced that Charlotte will be identified as the number one contender for the next title opportunity. Obviously that status can be taken away based on matches that take place in the future.

The European Club would like to announce a match in the near future featuring Alessandra and Zora. The former champion’s successful title defenses and undefeated record prior to losing to Drury in the tournament and then Sara in her title match leaves many feeling she deserves a rematch. Obviously others feel two straight losses should indicate she is not in any condition to challenge for the title. So the winner of the match between Alessandra and Zora will become the number one contender for the European title.

In other news, there will be a number of tournaments taking place this year around the world featuring independent fighters and club fighters from around the AWC. Some of these tournaments will feature challenges from other fight organizations outside the AWC as they try to stake a claim to being the best organizations in the world. We look forward to the AWC’s representatives reminding these groups why it is that the AWC is the best.

We hope that tonight’s event is as exciting for the fans as it is for the AWC. And tonight we will see the first official AWC tag team match. I would expect to see a tag team title at some point once we finish experimenting with the format and rules of this type match.