Denise (5’4″ 128 lbs 36 y/o) lives near Key West, FL.  She is originally from Long Island, NY.  Denise and her husband hit it big with a business idea and sold the business for a small fortune.  Now neither of them has to work.  The couple moved to the Sunshine state where life is a bit more pleasant.  Denise spends a lot of time working out and enjoying life.  She lives to have fun and is the life of the party.  She has a strong personality and hates to be judged.  She has a tendency to get into disagreements with other women because of her strong personality.  Her husband has been a sponsor of the Club since its early days and Denise has enjoyed a number of private fights with potential candidates.  She generally does well in these matches.  Denise’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am a seriously bad-assed girl.  I take no shit from anyone.  I kick serious ass anytime I get into a fight with someone else.  Playing rough and dirty just makes me fight harder.”


Currently 1-0


Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 6 Denise versus Jenny