East Coast Club Report

Report 3

Hot mess.  That’s the best description I can come up with for now.  Tisha lost her match with Callie but humiliated her after the match ended.  She is bitter about the title.  Drury lost to Callie and she is a mess too.  Even the new girls are having their issues.  Lena losing to Kelcie caused quite a stir.  I’m hearing the East Coast group is considering some sort of Club battle with the West Coast over this stuff.

Report 2 

Tisha is flying high after getting another win in the tournament over Rebecca.

With Tisha’s win, that leaves two Club members in the tournament along with independent fighters from the East Coast.  The odds are good that an East Coast fighter will end in the title fight.

Monique might be thinking about retiring from the AWC.  Her physical condition isn’t the greatest.  Hope she sticks around.

Report 1

I’m hearing a few interesting things.

Jenny is trying to get a title rematch, but the Club leadership is stalling her efforts.

Bailey has been training hard and is in great shape thanks to her season just ending. I also heard she might have a bit of a leg injury too.

Been hearing that Hannah is frustrated and looking for a match.