East versus West Challenge – Callie Interview

Callie being interviewed!

Good evening out there in AWC land. I have with me here the reigning AWC World Title holder Callie. Congrats again on winning the title!!

Callie: Thanks I appreciate that. It was a great tournament and there were some tough fighters out there all trying to win this title.

I have heard that at the end of the night the AWC is going to announce some upcoming title fights. Maybe we will hear who your first challenger for the title will be. Are you looking forward to finding out who that will be?

Callie: Definitely! It is always exciting to find out who your next match up is going to be against. There are a lot of deserving challengers out there so it should be a good match.

Well there are definitely a lot of people that think they deserve the title and want to be in that match. What do you think about what is going to happen here tonight?

Callie: I’m a little bit torn. I don’t think there is any reason for all the hostility towards one another as Clubs. There are great fighters in all the Clubs. This might have gotten a little out of control, but when it is over the West Coast Club will be the winner of the challenge!!!

I wouldn’t expect you to say anything else about who will win the challenge. Do you wish you were actually fighting tonight instead of just being at the event?

Callie: Yes and no. It is always fun to be around the action and support your Club and it is always great to be on the rug competing.

There has been a lot of talk from Tisha and about Tisha. I know you were pretty upset about how things went after your tournament match with her. Any thoughts on her getting a title shot?

Callie: I don’t make the decision on who gets the title shot. I will take on whoever I am asked to fight in that match. And yes how Tisha acted was bullshit. I can’t wait to kick her ass and put her in her place. I don’t think that cheating and attacking someone after the match you lost qualifies Tisha for a title shot. She didn’t even get considered for a title shot in her own Club.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit with us. Can’t wait for that announcement to see who your next opponent is going to be.