East versus West Challenge – Catrin Interview


Good evening AWC fans. I have with me by video link a new up and coming fighter in the European Club – Catrin. Great to see you tonight Catrin!!

Catrin: Thanks it is nice to be able to talk and be here for the AWC fans. They are my favorites.

So the AWC has announced that Alessandra and Zora will meet for the opportunity to fight for the title in Europe. Your name had been mentioned in some circles for that opportunity. What do you think of the AWC’s decision?

Catrin: Oh my it is not sounding very fair. It will be ok though. My chance to have the title match will be there to and I can have more times to get ready for that match.

Who do you think wins that match for the #1 contender spot?

Catrin: You know you are trying to cause trouble for me right. Why not though. I think Zora will be very tough for Alessandra to stop. She is very good fighter.

There are some rumors out there that you might be part of a tag team representing Europe?

Catrin: Oh yes. It is a lot of fun. We practice some together to get ready to be win the championship for our Club. We will have fun and win those matches. It is exciting to be part of it!!

Do you want to share any details of the team coming from Europe?

Catrin: Yes and no. We will be good together. Team is the idea. We will fight hard to do our best for our Club in the competing.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit with us. We are all waiting to see you out there on the rug again.