East versus West Challenge – Suzette Interview

Good evening again AWC fans. We have a great interview for you here again tonight. We managed to catch a few moments with Suzette. A lot people thought you had a shot to win the World Title. You had a great run in the tournament!!

Suzette: Thanks. It was a pretty amazing experience for me. I think I just wore down a bit over those matches and ran out of steam there in the final four.

There is no easy way to ask this one so I’m gonna just ask it straight out — That match with Raine was a disaster. I think everyone expected you to win that match and you were absolutely demolished by Raine. What happened?

Suzette: No its ok. It’s a fair question and you described it well. I am embarrassed by it. I think I was coming off the tournament and even though I was eliminated I was feeling pretty confident. I just looked right past that match and took it for granted. Combine that with being tired and worn down and it was a bad combination and the whole AWC fan base got to see how that ends up for a fighter.

Do you think you should get a title rematch against Raine?

Suzette: I hope so. I also know that there are a lot of other potentially deserving fighters out there in the Club. We will see. I know next time I will do much better. I can’t say enough how ashamed I am of that performance. It just wasn’t me.

So what have you been doing to prepare you for your next match and to get recovered from those hard losses?

Suzette: Well I have been training my ass off. I have been hitting the gym and I have been training some with Belle. We live pretty close to one another and she reached out to me after the Raine match. I think we have both benefited a ton from our training sessions. Hey a shoutout to Belle tonight — Good luck girlfriend!!!!

So if you have been training together who has gotten the better of the sparring between the two of you? Can she take you?

Suzette: Nice try. No comment on that other than to say it has been very helpful for both of us. You know everyone has something to offer if you just pay attention and are open to receive the knowledge.

Thanks for taking a moment to visit with us. Can’t wait for that announcement to see who your next opponent is going to be.