East versus West Challenge – Tisha Interview

Well I think it was best described a few moments ago as a mess and I would only add that it was a hot mess!!! What in the world just happened?

Tisha: You should ask that cheating bitch that question!! She had no right to interfere in the match between Viv and Rebecca. It is not her job to be the AWC security team.

Let’s be honest here — You were just looking for an excuse to attack Callie!!

Tisha: The one looking for excuses is the AWC and Callie!! I deserve a title shot to take what is mine. When we left the apartment after our tournament match it was absolutely clear who lost that match. Always protecting the princess it seems.

All you showed tonight is that you could double team Callie and try to hurt her. How does that help make the case you deserve a title shot?

Tisha: I didn’t ask Viv to help me. I was doing just fine beating her ass when I got out there. I guess you should expect the girl that got jumped by Callie to get a little payback at the same time. Listen AWC anytime anywhere I will fight her for the title under any rules!!!

You lost your match to her by the rules. I saw you say that you submitted. That is clear cut to me. How do you claim it is some sort of conspiracy against you?

Tisha: The rules always have a way of favoring fighters. The way that match was set up favored Callie. If we just fight to a finish, like we did after the match ended, then you see how it ends up. I’m stronger and I’m the better fighter!!!

When I talked to Callie it sounded to me like she didn’t think you deserved a title shot. What —

Tisha: Just stop right damn there!!! Of course she doesn’t think I deserve a title shot. She is scared of me and knows I will take her title. I heard what she said about kicking my ass and putting me in my place. She can’t and she won’t!! Tonight she had a chance and the place I ended up was sitting on her face listening to her pathetic muffled cries underneath me!!! I will fight that bitch and destroy her!!! She will beg me to allow her to submit and give me her title!!! I’m out of here!!!

Well I guess that’s all we have for you tonight. Tisha just strutted out of the room. Sounds like there are some hard feelings there. I’m sure Callie will be furious about what happened tonight. Only time will tell whether these two will get a chance soon to sort out this feud.