Emma (5’4 128 pounds 20 y/o) lives in a small village near Manchester.  She works in a local hospital as a nurse’s aide while she tries to save enough money to go to school.  Emma played football (soccer) during her youth and has stayed in excellent shape since.  Emma’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am fast, strong and in great shape.  And I’m not going to put up with anything out of an opponent.  I will fight to win no matter what.”


Currently 2-4


Apartment Wrestling Times Magazine 3 Emma versus Nikki

Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 17 Emma versus Sierra

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 62 Nissa versus Emma

Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 13 Camilla versus Emma

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 29 Emma versus Shayla