European Club Report

Report 4

The European fighters have not fared well against other clubs.  Alessandra was trounced by Drury and quickly exited the tournament.  Zora and Catrin fared well in a recent trip so maybe things are going in the right direction.

I hear Sara may be getting a title shot.  There is a lot of talk about who deserves that opportunity.  Stay tuned because a fight for that opportunity may end up taking place.  The Club leadership is really struggling with the decision.

Report 3

European fight night is going down.  Look for an update on the outcome of those matches after the event wraps up.  Looking forward to that grudge rematch between Sasha and Sara.

Alessandra is set for her tournament fight.  She is taking on the American blonde Drury.  Wishing best of luck to our girl as she carries our banner.

Report 2

Several potential new faces looking to join the European Club.  A couple have fought as independents (Inga, Sara & Milena) and a couple are new girls (Catrin and Nikki).  Word on the street is that some existing club fighters aren’t happy to see new faces.

The tournament has not been good for the European fighters.  Only Alessandra remains alive in the event.

A club fight night is coming up soon.  Look for some intriguing match ups.

Report 1

Things in the Club are tense. Overall the girls have not performed well against girls outside of the Club. I’m hearing their might be some new faces soon.

Shayla’s loss to Jenny has her angry and hitting the gym hard  I feel sorry for her next opponent

Sasha has been rumored to be part of an upcoming event that is rumored to be happening in Dubai