Heather (5’4 132 lbs 19 y/o) lives in Florida.  Heather is a student and works part-time while going to school.  She is normally short on time, but gets in a work out when she can.  Heather is a strong believer in herself and her skills and doesn’t lack in confidence.  Heather’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m good at everything I do.  Look at me  — I’m super hot and sexy.  After the fight is over, my opponents will just have one more thing to add to their list of things they are jealous about.”

Heather is a character from FCF.  Her profile is here.


Currently 1-1


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 50 Heather versus Zora

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 36 Camilla versus Heather