Independent’s Corner 1

Report 2

Well the independent group is a lot smaller these days with the Clubs inviting most of the fighters to join a club.  The biggest group out there seems to be the fighters from Latin countries.  They don’t fit easily into a geographic area.  Maybe a new club forms or maybe we will see some moves by other Clubs to recruit them regardless of where they are from.

In what is viewed as a strong nod to the independents from these areas, both Selena and Nissa are fighting in the lightweight tourney.  Maybe this will create some more momentum for these parts of the world.

Report 1

The Club’s are all looking hard at trying to recruit some of the more successful independent girls. And there are quite a few of them having a lot of success.

Lisa has been working hard and I’m hearing she wants a rematch with Drury  I don’t see it anytime soon with Drury still in the tourney.  Drury can be a hot head so don’t count out anything.

Half of the tournament field is now independent fighters being sponsored by individuals around the world.