Night of Champions – Kelcie and Viv Fight

AWC Fans we have gotten a set of exclusive pics taken by an AWC fan who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Tells us what happened!!!

Ok so I was walking down the hallway and I heard shouts coming from the gym. So I stopped and looked in and I saw these two girls arguing very loudly. They were both very mad at the other. I got my phone out and was able to take a few pictures as things got heated. I recognized them as Kelcie and Viv so I knew this was going to end up turning ugly because I know they have exchanged some words before. As I started taking pictures, Viv jumped at Kelcie and the fight started. It all happened very fast and they were both yelling and cussing at one another as they fought. Kelcie managed to pull Viv forward by her hair and was punching her in the back. As she tried to fling her to the floor, Viv pulled free a bit and shot several punches to Kelcie’s body and then a hard uppercut that jolted Kelcie. I think that shot really may have been the end of things cause man it had to hurt. So Kelcie grabbed Viv and tangled up with her and tried to hold her in a headlock, but Viv quickly powered out of it and landed several hard hooking punches on Kelcie. Kelcie was screaming out and Viv just punched away at her. Kelcie fell to her knees and Viv ripped her tank top off and just started punching away at Kelcie and Kelcie was just trying to block her face as Viv hammered away at her. That’s when several people rushed in and stopped the fight. Man it was crazy. Viv just went crazy on Kelcie. It only last a minute or two. I think Viv would have beat Kelcie to a pulp if the fight hadn’t been stopped.

Thanks for bringing us your story and these photos. The AWC is lucky you were there. And it sounds like Kelcie was lucky some people were there too. Your version of events sure doesn’t line up with Kelcie’s version of what happened.