Night of Champions – Kelcie Interview

We are in luck again here comes Kelcie. Hold on a second Kelcie we would love to do a quick interview. Can you give us a few minutes?

What do you want? I don’t really have time for this!!

Where are you going so fast?

That really isn’t any of your business. I just finished with a quick workout and need to get cleaned up.

Funny how you are in such a hurry to get away tonight. Normally you love to talk!

What are you trying to suggest? You know I don’t have to stand for this type of treatment.

Well then maybe you would like to tell us about your fight you just had. We have been hearing quite a bit of buzz starting to circulate!!

What are you hearing? Because I can tell you that it wasn’t really a fight. Just a little disagreement and some heated words.

Well the rumor I’m hearing is you got your butt kicked!!! Is that true?


Oh ok so I guess you did have a fight then!! You want to tell the fans what happene?

Nothing much. We had a little disagreement and some words were exchanged. Things got a little rough and some people broke us up and stopped us from fighting.

That’s not exactly what I heard. I was told the people that broke up the fight saved your butt!! Is that not true?

That is a flat out lie. I didn’t get saved. I would’ve pounded that bitch if we finished the fight. So that’s all garbage. If that’s what she is saying I demand a match NOW!!!!

I will make sure I pass that along. Thanks for visiting with us. I hear that some pictures will be coming soon of your fight so all the AWC fans can see for themselves.