Night of Champions – Raine Interview

Good to see you Raine! This is sure going to be an exciting weekend. Are you all ready for your match with Suzette?

You bet I am. It seems like the Club is not very supportive of me being granted this opportunity. I know I am good enough.

Well that happens sometimes. You can’t let the other jealous fighters affect you. What do you expect from Suzette?

She is a very tough fighter. I have watched every bit of her fights multiple times to get myself ready for this match. Suzette has had some incredible wins so I know I have to be very careful with her.

Any special plans you want to share with your fans?

Other than leaving the match as the winner – not really!!! Did you really expect an answer to that question?

Not really. So what has been happening in the Club lately?

There are some really exciting new fighters that have joined over the months. And they have kicked butt. I saw a post on social media about how the West has really dominated the East here lately. I don’t like to get into all that because all it does is cause drama, but it is a testament to just how much talent is in the West Coast Club.

Speaking of that, I am hearing a lot of grumbling about all that talk.

Well you’re right about that. I know if I was hearing that type of talk and I was in the East Coast Club it would motivate me to find a West Coast Club fighter to get on the mat and fix that streak. I also know that Kelcie is ruffling a lot of feathers. She is a new girl, but likes to talk a lot. A lot!!!

Yes she has really stirred things up and she has complained about not getting a title shot.

I’m sure her day will come. She just needs to let her fights talk for her. She will probably learn how to talk less, but some girls they really enjoy all that back and forth.

Thanks for stopping by tonight and good luck in your match with Suzette.