Night of Champions – Viv Interview

Oh wait I see Viv in the hallway heading quickly towards the elevator. Let’s see if we can catch up with her for a minute. Hey there Viv!! Hold up . . . can I get a quick interview!!

What’s up? I was just trying to head to my room for a quick minute before the next match gets started.

After you got off to a good start in the AWC the fans have been wondering what’s next for you? Hey, did you get a tear in your skirt?

Ummm maybe. I was just going to change real quick. Not sure what’s next you know. Just waiting for the Club to give me a match.

What happened to your skirt?

Got snagged on something I think.

And your hair is a mess! Did you just have a fight? I have been hearing a lot of chatter about a fight that broke out a bit ago!!

Not really. Just another girl and I were talking about some things that needed to be worked through.

Oh come on now don’t hold out on us!!! Who and what happened?

Ok so I guess you will hear about it soon enough. Kelcie and I had some words and it got a little heated.

Oh wow!!!! That’s an amazing bit of breaking news tonight!!! So tell the fans — who won?

I didn’t get to finish the fight!! It was broken up. I think someone was taking pictures and we can let those speak for themselves.

So are you saying you won the fight?

Can’t really say that since it was stopped before she begged me to stop kicking her dumb blonde ass!! But yeah I think I got the best of our encounter. I have to get changed before the next match. See you!!!

Ok thanks for talking to us. I can’t wait until those pictures come out.