West Coast Club Report

Report 2

The West Coast Club is excited at the prospect of either Callie or Suzette being able to win the AWC World Title.  The Club is all buzzing about Suzette dismantling Nissa.

A number of promising new fighters are seeking to join the Club.  Look for some of these girls to fight in the upcoming Club fight night.  The girls have been all over social media and that could lead to some rough battles as they try to back up their posts.

Report 1

Club leadership can’t quite figure out Belinda. Her inconsistency has her and others frustrated.

Speaking of frustrated . . . both Suzette and Rebecca are a bit upset. Suzette is still stewing over her loss to Sierra and Rebecca still wants another shot at Callie.

Speaking of Callie, she has been hitting social media hard and the fans are loving her open posts. Other fighters think she is arrogant. It could make for some exciting fights down the road.