What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 1

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” our new internet show where we cover all things Apartment Wrestling.  Welcome to the show.  I’m your host Dan Dawson.  As most of you know, a group of fans and investors have come together to get the sport of Apartment Wrestling back on its feet.  The goal is for non-professional fighters to come together in these private venues and fight with limited rules.  The girls are well-paid and the fights are all taped and will be broadcast in the future.  We have gotten a lot of questions through our website forum and we’ll be answering those tonight during our show.

So let’s get started.  Our first question “Are the fights all going to be held in the same place?”  Not at all.  You will notice the first few fights up on the website were fought all over the country.  We have had one in Los Angeles, one in Tampa, and one in Dallas.  And you should expect to see matches taking place internationally as well.  I hear rumor that something is planned for Europe here real soon.  This club is going to host events all over the country and maybe the world.

Thanks for the question.  Let’s show some highlights from the match that took place out in LA.  This one featured Callie and Rebecca.  This was the first fight for the club.  The venue was great.  The crowd was great.  And wow.  Look at the fighters.  They were great.  The highlight clip begins showing Callie just before the fight walking to the main fight room.  The next scene shows Rebecca in the fight room just before the fight begins as she looks angry and calling out something as she moves toward Callie.  Looks like things were a bit tense there.  The clip moves to a short piece with Callie controlling Rebecca with a headlock both girls mashed up against the wall.  Cutting away next to an image of Rebecca driving a punch into Callie’s kidney then showing a close up of the expression on Callie’s face contorted in pain from the punch.  Ouch that one sure looks like it hurt quite a bit.  I bet Callie wasn’t too happy about that.  The clip rolls into the next scene showing Rebecca on her knees being pulled up by the hair with Callie straddling her and landing slaps to Rebecca’s face.  Then shows Rebecca pulling Callie’s top down exposing one of her breasts.  I guess that’s one way to escape from trouble as the video shows Callie reacting and allowing Rebecca to escape.  The clip then shows several quick cuts of Callie pinning Rebecca to the floor and then slapping and clawing her belly and pulling her bottoms up into a wedgie.  Ooooo.  Looks like Rebecca must have made her mad.  The clip continues on showing Callie holding a tired and barely reacting Rebecca in a nasty head scissors hold torturing her and then cuts to Callie posing over Rebecca.  What a fight.  I don’t think we could have asked for anything more out of our first Apartment Wrestling Club fight.  The match lasted almost 18 minutes total.  And Rebecca seems to be asking for a rematch.  What a fight for the first one in the Club.  Looks to me like this one could have gone either way until Rebecca started to get tired.

So onto the next question. “Are there any rules about how a fight ends?”  Yes and no.  A fight ends when one girl gives up or is unconscious.  With that said though, the winner has to be satisfied with her opponent’s surrender.  So if you aren’t convincing with your surrender the girl in control can refuse to let you free until you are convincing.  We saw a little of that in the Callie versus Rebecca match up.  We really aren’t going to have many rules about the end of a fight.  As long as there isn’t an injury risk just about anything goes.

And from a fan in Chicago “What fights do you have scheduled?”  That’s a great question.  So far there have been three fights across the country.  Coming up there are a couple of matches set to take place.  Expect to see one in Cleveland and one in Nashville.  I have also heard something is in the works with Rebecca fighting again.  I think that one will be somewhere out west.  There is also a rumor about a match in Canada and maybe some fights in Europe.

And now for my favorite part of the show — The Fighter Spotlight.  Tonight we will take a look at Hannah.  She will be fighting soon and we caught up with her for a few minutes to learn some more about her.  A video clip showing the dirty blonde haired Hannah appears on the screen.  Hannah lives in Alabama and is a student right now.  But don’t let her good looks and hot body fool you.  She is as smart as they come.  Hannah is a pre-med major.  Anyone need a doctor?  Wow.  The video cuts to her in a sports bra and shorts leading a workout class at a gym.  Looks like she is in great shape too.  I think that class would kill me but if Hannah is the instructor it would be worth it.  The clip ends with a smiling Hannah showing off her toned biceps in a flex and then blowing a kiss at the camera.  I can’t wait to see her in the Apartment.  She has my vote that’s for sure.

The final question of the night “Were you surprised by how quickly and convincingly Tisha beat up Melinda?”  Great question.  Yes and no.  First off look at Tisha.  She is strong and confident.  Nothing surprises me about her winning a fight.  But come on.  Look at Melinda.  Strong, flexible, killer body, athlete, and extremely confident.  When I saw the match up announced I thought Melinda would probably win that fight.  She showed almost nothing though.  Maybe it was an off night.  Maybe she is all looks and no ability.  I don’t know.  So yes I was surprised in some ways.  That’s the other thing about the Club and the fights.  Right now we just don’t know how these girls will react in a fight.  It isn’t always about the physical strength or size.  How does a girl react to things going against her?  The mental toughness part is just something you can’t measure until we have seen several fights with a girl.

Thanks to everyone for stopping in for the show.  Hope to see you next time. Stay tuned to the website as match results are posted.  Goodnight.