What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 10

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things related to the Apartment Wrestling Club.  As most of you know, I’m Dan Dawson and I have a lot of things to get you caught up on.  We’ll talk about the latest news and happenings in the Apartment Wrestling Club and bring you the latest rumors and gossip as well.

So the rest of the world got caught up with the U.S. as the Pacific Club and the European Club both held championship fights.  Let’s take a look at what took place out in the Pacific Club since we last talked.  The Club gathered in Tokyo to crown the first ever Pacific Club Champion where Bao and Anushka tangled.  Going into the fight Anushka was a fairly heavy favorite for those picking the winner.  And when the night was over, Anushka was on the floor knocked out cold losing two falls and Bao was celebrating as the Champion.  Shortly after the title fight, Charlotte met up with Yuki and managed to get her second win remaining unbeaten.  The experts are predicting a Bao versus Charlotte match as Bao defends her title.

The European Club was also busy crowing its first ever champion.  The Club gathered in Paris where Shayla took on Alessandra.  The favored fighter for that match up was Alessandra and there were no surprises there as she dominated the fight gaining two straight submissions from Shayla to win the title.  With Alessandra crowned the European Club Champion, the real question now is who gets a shot at her next.  There isn’t really a clear cut contender for that privilege.  In other action, Sofia took on an independent fighter Sara from Romania.  It was a great fight and Sara managed to eek out a win over the Club’s fighter.  Rumor has it the European Club is looking to add one more fighter to its permanent roster.  Inga (from Sweden) is one of the girls vying for that spot.  She took on another independent fighter, Milena (from Armenia) and was soundly defeated losing by KO.  Where that spot lands is anyone’s guess at this point.


There was also plenty of action in the U.S. as independent fighters fought against other independents or Club members.  These fights saw Belinda and Bailey represent the Club well in getting wins over Selena and Karin as well as Camilla and Nissa roughing up Heather and Annie.  Of this group, Nissa might just be one to watch.  She looked very good in her dominating win over Annie.


The matches also saw Jenny travel to Florida to take on an AWC Organizer’s spouse.  Jenny thought her much older opponent would roll over for her and in reality Denise rolled over Jenny in dominating fashion.  This may be a sign of problems to come for Jenny as she prepares to defend her title for the first time against Molly.


In another exciting newcomer fight, Sierra took on Suzette.  Sierra stunned the Club by dominating Suzette who is thought to be one of the better fighters.  The question is whether Sierra caught her unprepared or whether Sierra is really that tough.  In an attempt to answer that question, Sierra is set for a fight in the coming weeks with Tisha.  Tisha is another good Club fighter and that fight should tell us a bit more about Sierra.


Following her match, the Club caught up with Suzette.  Here is what she had to say to our reporter in the field”


Sierra what did you think of your first match with the Club and how do you feel about doing this again?  “Oh my god!!! I absolutely loved the experience.  Something about the whole thing just brings out the panther in me!  It’s like I was born for the whole purpose of being a fighter in the Club.  I can’t wait for my next opportunity.  The way I handled things today should put the rest of the girls in the Club on notice.  I just hope I get some better competition than that little hooker Suzette.”


Those are some pretty strong words.  Were you surprised by anything and how did you manage to handle this fight so well?  “No actually, I wasn’t surprised at all.  Things happened exactly like I visualized.  I spent a good amount of time studying her previous matches and had her mentally beat before we even started.  So I know she didn’t have the advantage of seeing me fight before, but I think it’s just as much that she has never seen a fighter like me at all.  Suzette doesn’t have much wrestling ability and I’m not going to be slapped or hair pulled into submission. ”

Sure, but how were you able to do so well against her?  “Fighters like her are easy to crack psychologically.  She got frustrated very easily and left herself open to attack.  When that happened, I attacked her with my wrestling skills and just like I expected — she couldn’t compete!”

So you don’t seem to think much of Suzette.  “Well she is tough and that’s about the only good thing I can say about her.”

I have heard a lot of talk about people being shocked by how easily you handled her.  “Stop right there.  It wasn’t a shock at all.  No one should be surprised by what I just did to Suzette.  I’m just a better fighter than she is.  It would have been a shock if she beat me.”  Sierra closes her comment with a little laugh.

So Suzette has been talking about how you got lucky and she is looking for another go at you.  What do you think about a rematch?  “You know I just don’t like her stupid face or her snot rag attitude.  If she is still running her mouth then I guess I didn’t adjust those things enough for her last time.  As far as a rematch, I don’t blame her for wanting to try.  I made sure my name was burned into her head and it’s going to stay there for awhile.  If she thinks what happened was just luck, then the bitch is more delusional that I thought.  I’ll be happy to beat some more sense into her.”

It sounds like to me, you are going to fighting Tisha next.  She has beaten up two other girls from Florida and she is pretty tough.  What do you think?  “Tisha…Tisha — Is that the tough little girl with the nice ass?  Sierra winks.  Well if she wants to go, I will be happy to do what her parents should have and spank her until she cries.”  Thanks Sierra and we look forward to seeing that match.  Good luck.