What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 12

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things related to the Apartment Wrestling Club.  As most of you know, I’m Dan Dawson and I have a lot of things to get you caught up on.  We’ll talk about the latest news and happenings in the Apartment Wrestling Club and bring you the latest rumors and gossip as well.

The big story dominating the Apartment Wrestling Club is the U.S. East Coast Club versus the West Coast Club challenge fight series.  Each of these fights is key to finding out which Club gets bragging rights in the U.S.  If that isn’t enough to make the matches hard fought, some of the fights taking place end up pitting potential candidates for the World Championship tournament against each other.  Not only can these fights help the fighters’ Club standing, but they could just cause them to be eliminated from contention for one of those coveted World tournament slots.

So far to date five of the seven challenge fights have taken place.  And as you might expect, the Club standings are close.  Right now, the West Coast leads 3-2 in wins with just two matches remaining.  If the West Coast fighter wins the next fight, it’s all over for the East Coast.

The first two fights in the series took place in Omaha and pitted Raine versus Monique and Summer versus Melinda.  When it was all over, the score stood at 1-1.  In the first match, Raine put on quite a show as she dominated and overmatched Monique.  For whatever reason, Monique can’t seem to put together a good fight.  In the second fight, Summer took on Melinda and it was a hard fought match.  The odds makers seemed to favor their home town girl Summer, but when push turned into shoves, punches, slaps and hair pulling the end outcome favored Melinda.

The series moved on to Dallas for the next two fights and the overall score ended up at 2-2.  In the first match up, Hannah took on Hailey in what might have been the most hotly contested fight in the series to date.  Hailey managed to outlast Hannah, but from the looks of the girls afterwards it didn’t look like either one of them won that fight.  The second match between Belinda and Bailey was a bit of a shocker.  Bailey came out fighting hard and ended up dominating poor Belinda in a lopsided fight.  I’m sure Belinda will do better next time, but Bailey sure made the Club question its ranking of Belinda in the top 20 fighter list.

The final three fights in the challenge series are set to take place in New Orleans and feature some incredibly entertaining fights that might have a considerable impact on who is invited to participate in the world championship tournament series.  In the first fight, Suzette took on Tisha in a much anticipated battle.  Both having recently lost to Sierra needed a statement win, but only one would get her way. At the end of the hard fought encounter, Suzette used her strong dancer’s legs to squeeze the fight out of poor Tisha.  Following the finish of that fight, the lightweights took the floor as Tracey and Wendy faced off.  The stakes in this fight were particularly high as neither of the two had won a match yet.  In what turned out to be a surprisingly one-sided match up, Wendy got her first win and humiliated Tracey afterwards.  After the fight, Tracey had some strong words to say about Wendy.  I would expect a nasty rematch of this battle at some point in the near future.

With the standings tied up at 3 wins apiece, the final fight in the series between Rebecca and Jenny will decide the series outcome.  Look for that fight to take place shortly.

Meanwhile, a group of independent fighters met in Miami for a couple fights.  The matches saw a Greek fighter — Zora — debut against Heather.  The rookie learned some hard lessons as Heather dominated the fight and thoroughly embarrassed Zora.  The other rookie featured Lola taking on Annie.  In this second match, the rookie fared a bit better and managed to get a hard fought win over Annie.

Following the most recent set of matches, here are the new Apartment Wrestling Club Top 20 Rankings

  1. 4-0 Callie (5’4 125 pounds 26 y/o) Northern California
  2. 3-0 Alessandra (5’8 135 pounds 24 y/o) Madrid
  3. 3-0 Bao (5’3 109 pounds 25 y/o) Hong Kong
  4. 3-1 Molly (5’10 138 pounds 19 y/o) Chicago
  5. 4-1 Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) Boston
  6. 3-2 Rebecca (5’6 135 pounds 23 y/o) Southern California
  7. 2-0 Charlotte (5’6 130 pounds 22 y/o) Auckland New Zealand
  8. 2-0 Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) Miami (FCF)
  9. 3-2 Suzette (5’6 128 pounds 26 y/o) Dallas
  10. 2-1 Analise (5’8 135 pounds 28 y/o) Paris
  11. 2-0 Drury (5’2” 115 lbs 20 y/o) Boston
  12. 2-1 Raine (5’9 135 pounds 22 y/o) Seattle
  13. 2-1 Anushka (5’9 133 pounds 29 y/o) Mumbai
  14. 2-1 Selena (5’5″ 112 lbs 24 y/o) Mexico City
  15. 2-0 Sara (5’6 116 lbs 23 y/o) Romania (FCF)
  16. 3-3 Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) rural NE Iowa
  17. 1-1 Shayla (5’3 125 pounds 22 y/o) Berlin
  18. 1-0 Nissa (5’2 110 lbs 21 y/o) Lima
  19. 2-3 Tisha (5’2 122 pounds 20 y/o) Atlanta
  20. 2-3 Belinda (5’8 128 pounds 29 y/o) Phoenix