What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 13

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things related to the Apartment Wrestling Club.  As most of you know, I’m Dan Dawson and I have a lot of things to get you caught up on.  It’s been a little quiet in the Club, but things are expected to get heated up as we start moving through the spring season.  We’ll talk about the latest news and happenings in the Apartment Wrestling Club and bring you the latest rumors and gossip as well.

The big story this edition is the conclusion of the East versus West challenge series.  With the series tied at 3 wins each, the final and deciding match between Rebecca and Jenny took place in New Orleans.  And it did not disappoint.  The two fighters came out battling hard to win the series for their Club and it was a great fight.  After a back and forth struggle, Rebecca managed to pin Jenny to the floor and secure the submission.  Congratulations to the West Club as the win the series challenge 4-3.

Another notable fight took place in Europe to decide who might get a shot at a title match.  The Club pitted a talented independent in Sara against Analise with a potential shot at the champion on the line.  The fight was a great battle as the two struggled for quite awhile.  In the end, Analise was too much for Sara.  The fight saw some fairly rough and dirty tactics employed by Analise to enable her to get the win.

The Club also saw the European Club put a couple fighters up against an American and a girl from South America in private fights in Paris and Madrid.  Both fights were one-sided affairs with the home club girls faring poorly.  Lisa dominated Sofia in a quick fight in which the Italian fighter was forced to submit.  Emma also ended up on the losing end of things as she was dominated by Camilla.

The domination didn’t stop in Europe.  Selena visited Jacksonville looking to take on a fighter from the East Coast Club.  After a late cancellation, the Club was able to put Wendy up against Selena.  Things didn’t go well for Wendy as Selena destroyed the poor girl.  Finally, Glenna visited to U.S. to take on Drury.  There has been some speculation that Drury is not a great fighter as she has faced off against weaker opponents.  Unfortunately for Glenna, all that talk seemed to upset Drury and she took it out on poor Glenna.  Drury dominated and humiliated the Australian girl and made her pay the price.

Following the most recent set of matches, here are the new Apartment Wrestling Club Top 20 Rankings

  1. 4-0 Callie (5’4 125 pounds 26 y/o) Northern California
  2. 4-0 Bao (5’3 109 pounds 25 y/o) Hong Kong
  3. 3-0 Alessandra (5’8 135 pounds 24 y/o) Madrid
  4. 3-1 Molly (5’10 138 pounds 19 y/o) Chicago
  5. 4-1 Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) Boston
  6. 3-2 Rebecca (5’6 135 pounds 23 y/o) Southern California
  7. 3-0 Sierra (5’7 125lbs 25 y/o) Miami (FCF)
  8. 3-2 Suzette (5’6 128 pounds 26 y/o) Dallas
  9. 3-1 Analise (5’8 135 pounds 28 y/o) Paris
  10. 3-0 Drury (5’2” 115 lbs 20 y/o) Boston
  11. 2-1 Charlotte (5’6 130 pounds 22 y/o) Auckland New Zealand
  12. 2-1 Raine (5’9 135 pounds 22 y/o) Seattle
  13. 2-1 Anushka (5’9 133 pounds 29 y/o) Mumbai
  14. 2-1 Selena (5’5″ 112 lbs 24 y/o) Mexico City
  15. 2-1 Sara (5’6 116 lbs 23 y/o) Romania (FCF)
  16. 3-3 Jenny (5’5 140 pounds 26 y/o) rural NE Iowa
  17. 1-1 Shayla (5’3 125 pounds 22 y/o) Berlin
  18. 2-0 Nissa (5’2 110 lbs 21 y/o) Lima
  19. 2-0 Camilla (5’10 127 lbs 23 y/o) Buenos Aires

20T.  2-3  Tisha (5’2 122 pounds 20 y/o) Atlanta

20T.  2-3  Belinda (5’8 128 pounds 29 y/o) Phoenix

The tournament to crown a world-wide Apartment Wrestling Club Champion is rapidly approaching.  After a long set of discussions, the Club has arrived at some decisions with respect to participants in the tournament.  There are more details to be worked out, but the Club has released some preliminary information that has been finalized.

The tournament will consist of an eight girl bracket for the final stages of the event.  Each of the Club’s regional champions will be invited to participate in the eight girl bracket.  The four champions will face opponents that have fought for the privilege of entering the final bracket of eight fighters.  There will be a series of matches for fighters from all over the world to qualify for one of those remaining four spots.  At this point, the Club has determined that Bailey, Rebecca, Sierra, and Suzette will be the final opponents awaiting the results of fight in matches.  Those four fighters will face the four fighters advancing out of the preliminary rounds.  Those preliminary rounds are set to begin with Fight 61.