What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 15

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things related to the Apartment Wrestling Club.  As most of you know, I’m Dan Dawson.  Tonight I’m going to recap all the exciting happenings in the early rounds of the world tournament.

As most of you know, there were a couple of matches held to decide which girl was going to be invited to participate in the tournament.  These fight in matches featured Milena versus Sukara and Nissa versus Emma.  The polls and social media postings surrounding these fights seemed to consider Milena as a heavy favorite to beat Sukara and the Nissa versus Emma match was expected to be a close battle.

The experts sometimes get it right, and sometimes they don’t.  As they say, that’s why they hold the fight.  Both these fights took place in LA and the eyes of the Apartment Wrestling Club were all focused on the battles.  Both matches turned out to be pretty good fights.  When it was all over, the experts were 1-1.

The Nissa versus Emma fight was one where Nissa showed off her dirty fighting skills and Emma showed off that she really needs to be in better shape.  It isn’t enough to be strong or even bigger than your opponent.  Emma ended up at Nissa’s mercy because she just couldn’t keep up with the hellcat from Peru.  It looked like Nissa really had a point to prove.  She commented before and after the fight that she was angry about being required to earn a spot in the tournament as opposed to just being invited.

In the second fight-in match, Sukara really surprised the experts.  Milena was heavily favored to win the fight, and Sukara more or less controlled the fight.  Right from the very start, Sukara nailed Milena with a couple of knee strikes and the blonde never recovered.  Sukara out wrestled, smothered, and battered Milena as she moved on to the next round in convincing fashion.

The matches are now set for the next round and should be exciting.  For some quick thoughts we asked a few of our secret panel about what to expect and here were the comments:

Tisha versus Raine:  Delicious match-up between two exciting fighters.  Tisha fights with heart and she is hard to finish.  Expect Tisha to win a hard battle.

Jenny versus Shayla:  A match-up of two girls with similar size and skill sets.  This one is too close to call.  Jenny’s experience may be the difference.

Camilla versus Anushka:  Another match-up of similar girls.  Expect Anushka to get the win.

Sara versus Belinda:  Belinda is an enigma.  She has flirted with greatness, but never really got there.  Sara is coming off a demoralizing loss to Analise.  Look for a good fight with Sara winning in the end.

Analise versus Peyat:  Peyat is a bit of a mystery.  Analise is another under-achiever.  Peyat will crash onto the stage in a big way as she beats Analise.

Drury versus Sukara:  Sukara got here thanks to an upset.  Drury is tough as hell.  Sukara’s magical upset ride ends here with Drury moving on.

Selena versus Lola:   Similar fighters here.  Both are mean and determined.  Expect Lola to win out thanks to Selena’s inability to stay focused.

Charlotte versus Nissa:  Size versus speed.  Nissa is on a mission and Charlotte is trying to rebound from an embarrassing knockout.  Tough to call.  The longer the match lasts, the more likely Nissa wins it.

See all of you again soon.