What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 16


Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things related to the Apartment Wrestling Club.  As most of you know, I’m Dan Dawson and I have a lot of things to get you caught up on.  With the AWC in the midst of a tournament to crown a world champion, interest in joining the Club has never been higher.  The AWC’s board of directors is working hard to make some decisions on how best to structure the Club and to find the best of the best to join the ranks.  I’ll give you some gossip on all that and we’ll talk about the latest news and happenings in the Apartment Wrestling Club tournament.

First off, I want to say just a few things about the first round of tournament matches that have all now concluded.  Congrats to Tisha, Jenny, Anushka, Sara, Peyat, Drury, Selena and Nissa for moving on in the tournament.  Anushka, Drury, Selena and Peyat all put on impressive showings as they dominated and crushed their opponents.  Some would say the talent in the tournament was diluted.  Their fans would say they are just that good.  I suspect the next round will give us a some insight into the answer to that one.  While not putting on a dominating performance, I really liked Tisha and Nissa in that last round.  They won tough fights which I think might help them in their next round.

With the last round in the books, the matchups are now set to go.  Here they are in no particular order:

Tisha versus Anushka:  Anushka is going to come into this fight feeling pretty confident after demolishing Camilla.  Tisha is tough and she fights with heart.  I wouldn’t count her out.  I suspect Anushka is going to win this one when it’s all said and done.

Jenny versus Selena: Both these girls have a bit of a mean streak.  Expect this fight to be hotly contested and flat out rough.  Will size win out over speed?  I think Jenny is vulnerable and Selena gets the win.

Drury versus Peyat: Oh boy this one is all about the fireworks.  Two girls with nasty dispositions that fight rough as hell.  Streetfighter versus streetfighter.  Don’t expect this match to last long.  Someone is going to get an ass beating.  Call me a chicken, but I’m not picking this one either.  Heck, this one is just as likely to end in a disqualification as anything else.

Sara versus Nissa:  This one is too close to call.  Both won hard fights in the last round and come to this match up with similar styles.  Expect this to be a long match where both girls control the fight from time to time.  Whoever makes the biggest mistake will go home.  I’m not gonna even try to predict this one.

Beyond these tournament fights, a whole series of matches are taking place around the country and overseas as some new fighters look to find a spot in the AWC.  The Clubs are talking about expansion and there are lots of rumors floating around about who might join a Club instead of remain independent.  It should be exciting times ahead.  I hear the AWC scouts are everywhere looking at new talent.  I can’t wait to see who they find.