What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 18

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things related to the Apartment Wrestling Club. As most of you know, I’m Dan Dawson and I have a lot of things to get you caught up on. The AWC World Championship Tournament continues to be exciting.  The last round saw another four contenders end their hopes of being the first AWC World Champion. in some cases, surprising outcomes.  The next round should be interesting as we see the individual Club Champions taking to the floor.

The next round of matches is set to take place in the coming days and I can’t wait. Each of the fights in this round will be fought with a thirty minute time limit with the most falls deciding the winner – unless someone is rendered unable to complete the fight.   With the tournament being down to the final eight girls it is bound to be exciting. Right now it’s down to the final eight girls and after this set of four matches the field will be narrowed to the final four. Here is how I see things shaking out:

Callie versus Tisha – I keep asking myself whether Tisha is skilled enough to be the World Champion. At the same time I keep wondering just who is going to finish her off and eliminate her. Tisha has a way of staying in fights and winning them with her stamina and toughness. Callie is equally tough which leaves me at a loss to call this fight. I think the time limit format might just favor Tisha, but who knows.  I see this being a hella good fight with a disappointed loser barely being edged out.  If you twist my arm and force me I will go with Callie . . . Or maybe Tisha.

Alessandra versus Drury – Will Alessandra’s size be a difference maker or will it be Drury’s nastiness. We have seen Drury win fights against very tough opponents. We can’t say the same for Alessandra.  The European Club fighters have appeared overmatched on the world stage.  Will Alessandra meet the same fate. I think she does. I picked against Drury last time, but I don’t think I will this time. It should be a good fight with an interesting match up of styles. Drury is my pick to get the win in this one.

Bao versus Sierra – Mismatch. Plain and simple. Bao is an incredible fighter. The problem here is that Sierra is so much bigger I just can’t see any way Bao holds up. It will be power versus speed and flexibility.  The problem for Bao is that Sierra isn’t a lumbering or. The only way Bao gets the win is to stay out of Sierra’s grasp and frustrate Sierra into making a critical error. I’m taking Sierra in a fight that might end early.

Molly versus Suzette – This will be an incredible match. Right now Suzette might be the hottest fighter in the AWC.  She absolutely demolished her last opponent and that was no easy feat. Facing her is Molly and I think she might be the favorite to win the entire tournament.  This will be an incredible fight that is too close to call. I think in the end Molly will emerge victorious.  This fight could end up being the best fight of the tournament so far.

That’s all for now. I want to close out the show by wishing each of the eight tournament fighters meeting up on the rug good luck. By the time we get to the next show, there will be only four left in the tournament. Until then, have a good evening.