What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 3

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things Apartment Wrestling.  Welcome to the show.  As usual, I’m Dan Dawson.  Tonight we’ll get you all caught up on the latest news and happenings Apartment Wrestling world.  And boy do we have an exciting show tonight.

The Apartment Wrestling scene has been hopping.  Slaps, punches, and holds galore all over the country and the world.  Fans are excited to see Apartment Wrestling return and you know so am I.  We have reports on several matches held around the world as well as answers to some of your questions.

Let’s take a look at a few matches that took place since our last show.  First up takes us on a trip over the pond to Amsterdam where French fighter Analise met up with Brit Rachel.  Our fans in Europe waited some time for a match and it was a short one.  Rachel never stood a chance as the larger and more powerful Analise destroyed her in one of our fastest fights to date.  Poor Rachel may never fight again after that thrashing.  Heading back to the U.S. we find Hannah returning to the floor to take on newcomer Bailey.  Hannah was sure she would put on a better showing against a similar sized opponent and boy was she every wrong.  Bailey was all over Hannah punishing her with mean and nasty tactics.  Before it was all over Hannah had a nasty rug burn and got drug around the Apartment floor by her own bikini top as Bailey used it like a leash.  Bailey sent a message to the other contenders.

Our show tonight is brought to you by Silly Maids.  The Silly Maid service is there for you when your apartment gets trashed after a match in your living room.  They can handle any mess whether its a little hair on the furniture or a stain on the carpet.  Call Silly Maids.  And our special Silly Maids move of the show — a clip of Bailey dragging Hannah across the carpet applying the carpet burns to her shows — the deluxe carpet mop.

Our viewer question of the night:  “I would love to see some of the foreign girls taking on American girls.  Will that happen anytime soon?”  Great question.  And yes we will see some of that.  We are working now to put together a couple of matches that fit that description.  There are also some matches starting to be set up in the Pacific Rim as well as more matches in Europe.  It’s an exciting time as the sport is catching on like crazy.

Back to the highlights from our recent matches.  Our next highlight comes from San Francisco.  We saw Rebecca taking on newcomer Raine.  Boy did Rebecca show up ready for this match.  She had something to prove and poor Raine was her victim in sending that message.  Rebecca dominated the fight leaving Raine’s feet and hands tied.  Even more interesting was Callie’s appearance at the match.  Rebecca and Callie fought earlier with Callie getting the win that night.  I think a rematch is coming for these two.  Definite hard feelings between these two.  And speaking of hard feelings, two undefeated girls — Molly and Jenny — met up in Detroit.  What a fight.  The Club offices are reviewing the outcome and the video.  A great battle ended up marred by an ugly incident as the fight was brought to an end.  The video plays showing Molly smothering a helpless Jenny as she appeared to be heading to a win.  The video goes to a close up showing Jenny’s hands dig into Molly’s bikini ripping at her body and then goes to slow motion to show a nasty head butt right to the face as Jenny knocks Molly right into a brutal finishing scissor hold.  I’m not sure what this all means other than Molly was pissed off in the dressing room afterwards.  I think its a safe bet that we will see the two of them facing off again in the future.

Thanks for catching our show.  Until next time.  The screen goes black.