What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 4

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things Apartment Wrestling.  Welcome to the show.  As usual, I’m Dan Dawson.  Tonight we’ll get you all caught up on the latest news and happenings Apartment Wrestling world.  Since our last show there have been matches held all over the globe.  Stay tuned as we report to you on those matches and preview some upcoming match ups.

So let’s get right into it.    First off we have a question from a fan in London.  “Are there any size classifications for the fighters?”  At this point that hasn’t been necessary.  There could be a time where something like that is added into the equation.

Our first fight we want to report on tonight comes from Singapore as the Club has its first fight in the Far East.  The monitor screen flashes up and image of Glenna and Bao standing near one another as the fight is preparing to start.  This match up featured a redheaded tigress from Australia taking on the strong and nimble girl from China.  They put on one heck of a fight for our fans in Singapore.  It took everything she had, but Bao was able to best the Aussie girl.  The video shows footage of the two slapping, punching, and struggling and then closes with an image of Bao draped over Glenna’s back pulling her head back to finish the fight.  I know our fans can’t wait for the next match in the Far East.

Staying with the international theme, the Club sponsored its second fight in Europe recently.  This match took place in Paris and featured Emma taking on Sofia.  Last time we saw an English girl in action it didn’t go too well.  So Emma vowed to correct that situation.  What looked like a possible mismatch turned into a pretty good fight.  Sofia was quick and fearless and really gave Emma some trouble.  In the end though, Emma was just too much for her.  The monitor lights up with an image of Emma sitting atop Sofia pinning her to the ground then slowly face sitting her for several moments as she claims her victory.

And now a special word from one of our sponsors.  Are you looking for just that special drink for your next occasion.  BodyPress Winery has just the right vintage for you.  Whether you need something sparkling or something with a full body, the Winery has just the right vintage for you.  BodyPress brings you a special interview segment we have dubbed Sour Grapes.  We caught up with Molly last week now that a little time has passed following her match with Jenny.  As you all know, that fight ended in controversy.  How are you Molly?  “I’m doing great Dan.  Just wrapping up with my finals and getting ready to spend some time resting and catching up on life.”  Are you looking forward to getting back on the rug?  “For sure.  What happened last time was a fluke.  I had that fight won before she cheated.”  So you think Jenny should have been disqualified?  “No doubt about it.  But since the Club’s leaders tolerate that crap I am more than ready to face her again.”  So you want a rematch?  “I don’t just want a rematch — I am demanding one.”  Well thanks for taking a few minutes to talk with us tonight Molly.  Enjoy some you time and we will talk again soon.

Next up, we go back to our email collection and take another question.  This question comes from a fan in Los Angeles.  “I have been watching the matches and I think Callie is the best fighter in the Club.  When are you going to declare her the Champion?”  I bet Callie will send you a thank you note for your support, but that doesn’t just make her the Champion.  There are several girls that might just have a claim to be the Champion.  Soon enough we will find out who deserves that title.

Speaking of Callie, she recently took on Summer in Seattle.  And what a beating Callie gave Summer.  Some might say it wasn’t even a fight.  I what may be the worst thrashing seen so far in the Club’s first 15 fights, Callie brutalized Summer.  The monitor flashes on showing a clip of Summer being caught on Callie’s feet and flung through the air.  This is probably what set the stage for the fight to go that direction if you ask me.  After being hammered early by this big kick, Summer never recovered.  Callie sure made a statement that night.  Hopefully, we will see Summer again on the rug.  Sometimes a defeat like that can lead to a fighter never stepping on the rug again.

Finally, we take you out to Denver where two undefeated fighters faced off in a what turned out to be an incredible fight to the finish.  The monitor flashes on showing Belinda and Suzette battling hard through several scenes from the fight.  This fight has gotten some pretty heavy attention on our Twitter feed and the fans really want to see these two fight again.  The clip flashes to Suzette ripping Belinda’s bikini bottom up into her body.  This is the key moment right here where Suzette managed to break Belinda’s will to fight.  Who knows how a rematch might turn out.  All I can tell you is that Suzette just appeared to be a little bit meaner and nastier than Belinda and that’s what made the difference.


That’s all for tonight’s show.  See you again soon.