What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 5

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things Apartment Wrestling.  Welcome to the show.  As usual, I’m Dan Dawson.  This show is going to be awesome.  We’ll get you all caught up on the latest news and happenings in the Apartment Wrestling Club plus get some questions answered by a few of our fighters.  Plus as usual we will answer a few of your questions.

First off, we want to bring you some highlights of a recent match held between Hannah and a non-Club fighter Erica.  The Club has been considering new talent and Erica caught the eye of one of our key sponsors.  She issued a challenge to the winless Hannah who really took the challenges as a serious insult.  So they met up for a scrap.  Erica came in cocky after seeing Hannah beaten soundly by her opponents.  What a fight it was.  Hannah showed Erica that the Club’s fighters are tougher than she thought.  In fact, Hannah beat her ass good using scissors and chokes to really wear her out.  And to top it off, Erica refused to admit defeat so Hannah just choked her ass out cold.  Erica might have learned a hard lesson that night and Hannah relished being the victor for a change.

Which brings us to our first question:  “Do you expect to have more fights between Club fighters and outside girls?”  You bet.  The Club is always looking for the right situation to match up Club fighters with others.  Right now we are working on some pretty big ideas for our girls and are excited about the opportunities we see coming our way.

And that brings us to our next match up we want to talk about.  In a recent fight Tisha met up with Bailey in a battle of the unbeatens.  Anticipation was high for this one and the fight didn’t disappoint.  Let me just say this, it was a rough fight between two seriously mean women wanting to dominate their opponent.  I didn’t expect it to be as one-sided as it ended up being in the end.  Bailey just had a better night and was able to catch Tisha early in a bad position and wore her down quickly.  And then made her pay the price for all the pre-match trash talking.  The monitor shows Bailey laying atop Tisha applying a reverse head scissors on Tisha mashing her head between her strong thighs.  This moment right here is where Bailey was able to crush the fight right out of her.  I’m sure Tisha will bounce back.  I can’t wait to see more of these two.

Our first fan question of the night was answered by Tisha:  “What happened to you in that fight with Bailey?  I really thought you would kick her ass good?”  She is tough and very skilled.  Don’t let her innocent look surprise you.  She is a hellcat on the carpet.  The reason she got me was that kick to my head.  Blows like that to the head aren’t allowed and it stunned me for a second.  That’s when she got me in that scissor hold that really hurt me badly.  I’m looking forward to a rematch to prove myself.

Sounds like a few sour grapes there doesn’t it.  Which brings us to a message from our sponsor Sour Chews.  Want to see how tough you are?  Just eat a bag of Sour Chews and see if you can take the pain.  Sour Chews spotlights tonight several Club fighters.  The monitor shows Rebecca and Molly losing fights to Callie and Jenny.  These fights left a sour taste in their mouths.

Our next fan question is for Melinda:  “You really struggled in your first match against Tisha.  What have you done to be ready to fight again?”  I had a hard time with the speed and aggression of the whole thing.  I’m in great shape.  I’m strong and flexible.  Now I know what to expect out there.  I have watched every Club match to help me with that aspect.  I’m ready and I’m going to dominate my next opponent.

Thanks for tuning in fans.  That’s all we have time for tonight.