What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 6

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things related to the Apartment Wrestling Club.  Welcome to tonight’s show.  As most of you know, I’m Dan Dawson and I have a lot of exciting things to bring to you tonight.  We’ll get you all caught up on the latest news and happenings in the Apartment Wrestling Club plus get some questions answered by a few of our fighters.  Plus as usual we will answer a few of your questions.

Let’s get things started by looking at a recent fight held in Phoenix between a new girl to the Club, Tracey, and Hailey.  It was quite a battle of contrasts.  Tracey was outsized by Hailey by quite a bit and early on it looked like that size was going to be too much.  It wasn’t long though before the smaller and quicker Tracey was all over Hailey wearing her down with well-applied holds.  It really looked liked Hailey ran out of steam and her lack of conditioning almost cost her the fight.  In the end she was able to get atop Tracey and managed to choke her out cold to save the match and get her first win.  Stay tuned for more Tracey as she put up a heck of a fight against Hailey.

Our first question of the night comes from a fan in Canada:  “When will girls from outside the U.S. start fighting against the American fighters?”  It’s only a matter of time before we see some matches across the boundaries.  Right now we have a group of girls on the West Coast and a group on the East Coast.  You can expect to see them start fighting across those groups and against fighters from the European and Asian groups as well.

So during our last show we heard from Melinda about her upcoming fight with Wendy.  She told us she was more than ready to fight again and planned to dominate someone.  And boy did she ever.  Wendy, in her first fight, took on Melinda recently in Atlanta.  It was a quick fight with Melinda utterly destroying her hapless and unprepared opponent.  Melinda made good on her promise and she looked like a much better fighter now that she was prepared for what was happening on the rug.  The monitor shows an image of Melinda ripping Wendy’s hair out as she mauled her on the floor.  Looks like Wendy won’t be so quick to talk smack before a fight.  The video changes to a clip of Melinda challenging Tisha to a rematch.  Now that’s interesting.  I’m not sure that was a good idea, but only time will tell.

The next question for tonight’s show is for Bailey.  A fan in Virginia asked: “Do you think being a collegiate athlete gives you an advantage in the fights?”  A video clip of Bailey appears on the screen.  She giggles and then responds to the question.  I don’t know if it does or not.  What I do know is that most athletes have a passion for winning and a never quit attitude.  Combine that mental approach with being in good physical shape and I think it helps out a bit.

Let’s take a brief time out to hear from our sponsor for tonight’s show — Diamonds Forever.  There stones will leave you breathless just like a good face sit or choke hold.  The video shows several images of Hannah being choked out cold and Tracey being choked out cold.  These fighters left their opponents breathless just like that special piece of jewelry from Diamonds Forever will leave the recipient breathless.

And our next fan question for tonight comes from a fan in Ohio:  “There have been a lot of girls that have lost fights asking for rematches.  Are we going to see some of those soon?”  That’s a possibility.  There are quite a few fights lined up in the coming weeks.  When the time is right there might be a few rematches.  But remember — sometimes a girl loses for a reason and it might not be any different the second time around.  We look for changes in circumstances or situations in a match where a rematch might make sense.

Our final match review of the night comes from a fight held in London recently between newcomer Alessandra from Spain and Analise who dominated her first opponent.  In a surprising fight, the Spanish hellcat dominated and humiliated what we thought was a tough Analise.  The video screen lights up showing Alessandra perched atop Analise in a reverse face sit as she mauls the French girls tits.  Then cuts to the end showing a sobbing Analise pleading for mercy as Alessandra dominates her.  Looks like Analise wasn’t as tough as we thought.  I’m sure the English enjoyed watching her destroyed since she took a much smaller English fighter apart in her first match.

Thanks for tuning in fans.  That’s all we have time for tonight.