What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 7

Welcome to “What’s Happening in the Apartment” the internet show covering all things Apartment Wrestling.  Welcome to the show.  As usual, I’m Dan Dawson.  This show is going to be spectacular.  We’ll get you all caught up on the latest news and happenings in the Apartment Wrestling Club.

Since our last show the Club has crowned two champions. In the U.S. the Club crowned one champion for the East Coast and one for the West Coast.  Both fights were entertaining for the crowd lucky enough to be in attendance in Kansas City that night.

First up, let’s take a look at a few moments from the night. The screens flashes to a scene from the Callie/Suzette fight.  The clip shows Callie scissor into and then delivering a nasty kick before cutting to an image of Callie forcing a submission from Suzette. “That first fall was a rough one for Suzette. I thought it might be a short night for her after that.”  The image changes to show a short clip of Callie smothering Suzette and appearing close to another submission before Suzette bites Callie. The next image shows Suzette head butting a pinned Callie several times forcing Callie to submit. “That was a nice comeback by Suzette to get a fall.”  The image changes to show Suzette now bent over a bar surface with Callie landing punches to her body and then flinging her to the floor. The image cuts to Callie continuing to land hard shots to Suzette’s body as she is on the floor. Finally the video cuts to Callie stuffing Suzette’s own bikini bottoms into her mouth as she celebrates winning the final fall and the fight. “I’m just not sure anybody can stand up to Callie. What a strong performance she put up winning that fight.

We have a special treat tonight. The screen splits and Callie appears on the other half. She is wearing snugly fitting white tank top and a pair of denim shorts. “Hi everyone. Glad to be here tonight” Callie calls out. So Callie tell us how it feels to be the West Coast champion. “It’s awesome. I know I’m the best fighter out there and it’s good to be recognized for my talent.”  Any idea who your next fight will be?  “I haven’t heard yet. I know I will be in a private fight in Las Vegas next weekend. There is a match scheduled and some girls from all over are coming to town. It should be a fun time.”  I have heard that Rebecca is really after a rematch with you.  Any chance that will happen soon?  “She just loves to run her mouth. It all depends on who the Club thinks I should take on next. She doesn’t just get to skip over other contenders because she is a sore loser.”  Thanks for taking time out to visit with us tonight. I know I’m looking forward to seeing you in action again soon.

The show cuts back to one screen as Callie fades out. So let’s take a look at our other championship fight that night. The screen brings up a video clip of Jenny and Bailey fighting back and forth before cutting to an image of Bailey atop a prone Jenny with Jenny trapping her head. The clip showing the effect of the lack of air as Jenny flips a weakened Bailey to her back and choking her again until she submits. “Looks like Jenny’s size was a factor in that first fall.”  The screen shifts to a second clip showing Bailey twisting and mauling Jenny’s leg and raking her nails over her inner thigh. The move clearly hurting Jenny as she submits. “Jenny got cocky and boy did she pay for it. What a great approach to the second fall for Bailey.”  The clip cuts to the third fall showing the toe punching each other before Bailey seems to land a decisive punch. Jenny though uses the doubled over position to land several shots to Baileys crotch area before lifting her and slamming her to the ground.  “This was the end of it all for Bailey. Jenny seems to always pull things out though. What a fight”.

The screen splits and Jenny’s image pops onto half the screen. She is wearing a pair of jeans and a simple black t-shirt. Great to see you Jenny.  “It’s my pleasure to be here today.”  So what are your thoughts about that fight with Bailey.  “She was tough. I should’ve crushed her in two straight falls but I got careless in the second fall and paid for it.”  There has been some talk about how you win. “The talk should just be about the fact that I’m unbeaten and I always win.”  Well the talk is that you would’ve lost your last two fights without some marginal tactics.  “That’s all bullshit the championship fight was no rules or no holds barred. I beat Bailey fair and square. She isn’t whining that I know of here. What you are hearing is that whiny bitch Molly.”  Well now that you bring her up she wants to fight you. She says you cheated to beat her. “. Whatever. I’ll fight that bitch anytime. And I’ll kick her ass again when I do. This time I will fuck her up so bad she won’t want to ever fight me again.”  Thanks for visiting with us tonight. We look forward to seeing you fight again.

With that Jenny’s screen fades. That’s all we have for tonight. Until next time. The screen fades out and the show comes to an end.