What’s Happening in the Apartment Edition 9

Here at home in the U.S. we have seen a lot of fights take place within the East and West Clubs as well as a large group of independent fighters taking on Club fighters and other independent fighters.  Starting with the West Coast Club, we got to see a quite a flurry of activity involving Rebecca and Callie.  As you all know, these two just don’t like each other at all.  Callie handled Rebecca in the first ever fight and Rebecca has been looking for a rematch ever since.  Well boy did she ever get one.  After a Club fight in Las Vegas where Rebecca demolished Tracey, she managed to ambush Callie in a hallway and beat her up pretty good before the fight was stopped.  And as you might imagine, that led to a full on rematch in which Callie defended the West Coast title against Rebecca.  The first fall of that fight was spectacular.  It lasted for what seemed forever before Callie forced a submission.  Unfortunately, that fall really wore Rebecca down and Callie then dominated her in a short second fall.  The post-fight humiliation for Rebecca was pretty brutal as Callie tied her hands and spanked her repeatedly.  Not sure Rebecca will want to go back for another try anytime soon.


Both U.S. Clubs saw some interesting fights as girls hoped to further establish themselves in the Club’s ranks.  Belinda returned to the rug after her demoralizing loss to Suzette in the West Coast Club’s championship round of matches.  She took on Raine, a girl that was dominated by Rebecca in her only prior fight.  Belinda’s expectation of an easy win was quickly case aside as the two ended up in a tough battle all the way to a narrow victory — for Raine.  Belinda and her supporters were shocked by the outcome which may leave her future in the Club in jeopardy.  On the East Coast, Tisha and Molly both got back on the rug again after losing in East Coast Club’s championship rounds.  Tisha took on Wendy and Molly took on Monique.  Both Tisha and Molly used these matches to make a statement that they are ready to be the Club’s next title contender to take on Jenny.  Each dominated their opponents in convincing fashion.


The Club has also had some exciting matches take place in a more private and informal setting.  These private fights give the promoters and organizers within the various regional and even more localized Clubs an opportunity to look at potential new fighters or for outside groups to even try to enter into the Clubs.  Sometimes we get good information about these fights, and sometimes we just hear rumors of things going on around the world.   A couple of the fighters from the East Coast Club have taken on new girls.  Wendy hosted a new girl from Alabama named Sadie for a fight in a private venue in Jacksonville.  Sadie convincingly defeated Wendy and is expected to participate in more fights on behalf of the sponsors from that area.  In another match that took place in Las Vegas at the time of the Rebecca and Tracey Club match, a newcomer from Mexico named Selena took on Hannah.  The girl from Mexico dominated and humiliated Rebecca in the fight.  Selena is expected to participate in an official Club match in the near future.  During that same series of fights in Las Vegas, Summer took on Hiyoko as the Japanese Club tried to get their fighter some experience before her upcoming match in the Pacific Club.  It was quite a fight and Summer managed to get the win after a long and tough fight.  Finally, a local promoter in the Boston area arranged for a fight between two girls that had a grudge to settle.  The girls, Lisa and Drury, had a rough and brutal fight which Drury ultimately won and then humiliated Lisa.  Drury enjoyed the fight and the idea of the Club so much, she took on Melinda in an official Club match in New York several weeks later.  It was a heck of good fight and Drury got the win.  While she remains an independent fighter, Drury might be one to watch.