AWC Times Fight Magazine 12: AWC versus the ICC

Several fighters from the International Catfight Coalition have challenged the AWC as part of an effort to prove the strength of the ICC compared to the AWC. There has been some rumor and speculation that these top tier ICC fighters want to invade the AWC and become title holders in the AWC and force a merging of the organizations. In this first series of matches, the AWC fighters were hosted by the ICC at its cage arena. Up to this point the AWC has been much more popular than the ICC, and the fighters in the ICC have heard plenty of comments from AWC fighters that the ICC is the minor leagues compared to the AWC. Tensions are likley to run high during these matches and the ICC fighters may have a bit of a home field advantage as these matches will take place in one of the ICC’s venues in Dubai.

First up are Misty from the ICC taking on Zarah from the AWC. Both are lightweight fighters. Zarah’s success in the AWC finally hit a wall in the form of Bailey in the lightweight championship match. Zarah is eager to return to her winning ways and particularly as she represents the Club against the ICC. That task will not be easy as Misty comes in with a very substantial winning record in the ICC and is the currently ICC lightweight champion. I think things are about to get started in our first match of the night with Misty and Zarah. Let’s go out to the arena and watch this one play out.

Misty and Zarah preparing to get started

Well not a great start for the AWC. Zarah looked like she might get things going in the second fall of the fight only to be thoroughly destroyed by Misty. The pre-match trash talk came back to haunt Zarah as the mean redhead forced her to eat those words and to ultimately beg Misty for her mercy. Hopefully things go better for the AWC in the 2nd match of the night.

The second match of the night features Nijah from the ICC and Rachel from the AWC. Rumor has it that Rachel spent some time fighting in ICC matches before joining the AWC. If those rumors are to be believed, Rachel had a pretty decent record in the ICC. One of those matches is rumored to have been between Rachel and a harem fighting champion that was no other than Nijah’s sister. Tonight’s match has some deeper meaning than just the challenge. Nijah has vowed to avenge her sister’s earlier defeat. It appears this match is about to get underway so let’s go out to the arena for the action.

Nijah and Rachel preparing to start their match

Drury and Lenore preparing for their match to get underway