This is the place for you to leave comments for the AWC.

I have been forced to make changes to the settings so only registered users can comment.  Seems we have someone that wants to cause drama on the page.  Makes me wonder if I should even continue to share.


4 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Looking forward to an exciting tournament with the final four fighters going for the Championship. I predict that Drury will meet Sierra in the final, which should prove to be spectacular. I also see Kelcie is sounding off again. I think she should concern herself with Lena as there is one fighter who is looking for some payback. Let’s have that rematch!


  2. Kelcie had better keep her lip buttoned up. She is no match for any of the four finalists. You had previously mentioned a rematch between Lena and Kelcie in an NHB format. I believe that would be the only way to settle the matter. Thanks for all you do.


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