Melissa (5’5 124lbs 34 y/o ) lives near Dover, DE.  She works as a receptionist in a large accounting firm and works some shifts at night as a waitress to make some extra money.  She is a single mom that loves spending time with her kids and hitting the beach.  Melissa sees the extra money Apartment Wrestling could bring would mean more time for fun and less time for work.  Melissa has a bit of a wild side now fueled by an occasional margarita.  When she was younger her wild side led to trouble including fights.  She isn’t much of a gym rat, but loves to run and workout outside the gym.  She thinks she is still plenty mean with a nasty edge.  Melissa’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m lean, mean and nasty.  I’m willing to push the rules and myself when I compete.  Limits are for those losing.  I don’t have limits or boundaries.  When you lose to me you’ll know you had your ass beat!”

Melissa is a a character from the FCF forums.  Her profile is here.


Currently 0-1


Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 16 Melissa versus Chloe