Soo Min

Soo Min (5’2 114 pounds 24 y/o)  lives near Seoul, South Korea. Soo Min comes from an influential family in Korean society. She has been given every opportunity to travel and study abroad in her youth. She has completed advanced education in a biological sciences field and spends most of her time researching concepts for potential product developments. Soo Min is very physically active and spends a considerable amount of time in physical activities of various sorts. She is rumored to have some sort of martial arts training. Soo Min’s short interview response as to why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “It is an easy idea for me to be strong and dominate other women that are weak. I am about success. I do not fail it is not part of my DNA. I will be the champion in the AWC.”

Currently 1-0


Apartment Wrestling Times Magazine 10 Britta versus Soo Min