Tracey (5’3 110 pounds 22 y/o) lives in Honolulu.  Tracey is a student and works as a bartender in a downtown night club.  She is a big water sports fan and spends quite a bit of what free time she has on the water.  Rumor has it that she is a pretty good surfer and has won some local contests.  Tracey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I grew up with several brothers at home and I had to be tough.  I’m may not look big but I am strong.  I won’t give up easy so I will be able to tough out fights where others will just quit.”


Currently 0-4


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 94 Tracey versus Wendy

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 54 Wendy versus Tracey

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 25 Rebecca versus Tracey