AWC Times Fight Magazine 7 – High Stakes

The AWC Times staff was recently on hand for the first round of lightweight championship tournament fights held in Seattle.  With the stakes high the matches were exciting and hard fought.  There was even a surprise match that took place without warning to settle some old differences.  The AWC Times brings you these pictorial stories and summaries of those battles in this edition of the AWC Times Fight Magazine.  Click on the pictures below for a link to each of the fights.

Nissa versus Zarah

This lightweight battle will help determine who continues on their quest to be the AWC lightweight champion and who is kicked back into the pool of wanna be contenders.  Last time we saw Nissa, she left the apartment after a hard loss with more than just her pride injured.  Can she bounce back from her injury and become the lightweight champion.  Or will Zarah continue her undefeated career in the AWC and demonstrate to the world that she is a dominant force to be reckoned with in the AWC.

Bailey versus Selena

Continuing the theme of lightweight championship tournament elimination matches, these two hellcats face off to keep their hopes alive.  Selena has a chip on her shoulder and has trampled fighters similar sized to her.  Bailey isn’t the type to be trampled.  Which one comes out on top and which one exits the tournament stage?  

Charlotte versus Luisa (visiting)

After getting off to what appeared to be a dominating start to her career in the Pacific Club, Charlotte has found herself stuck in a losing streak.  Luisa comes to the Pacific as a guest of the Club and intends to help Charlotte continue that streak.  Luisa remains undefeated at this point and is a top 20 ranked fighter in the AWC World Rankings and seeking her opportunity for a title fight soon.  A win for Charlotte would be just the type of turnaround she is looking for to get her AWC career back on track.

Kelcie versus Lena 2

This one takes almost no introduction.  They fought in an unscheduled match at new girl fight night after showing an instant dislike to one another.  The match was hard fought and ended in controversy.  Kelcie forced Lena to submit to her coffee grinder finisher after stripping her topless.  Did Kelcie get that win because of her potentially illegal blow that seemed to stun and disorient Lena?  Did Kelcie take advantage of Lena and catch her directly at the end of her match while she was already worn down a bit too much?  Lena and her fans demanded this rematch.  Kelcie seemed to be dodging it.  Here it is?  Will Kelcie come out on top again or will Lena have her revenge?  Tune in to find out.

Kelcie and Lena preparing to face off in the much anticipated rematch.