Belle (5’7 135 pounds 32) lives near Denton, Texas.  Belle is a Texas born and bred ranch girl having grown up on her parents cattle ranch not far from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. In her younger days she was a skilled horsewoman and has worked hard on the ranch which provided her with a tight and toned body. Belle participated in the rodeo and won some championships in barrel racing. She stays in shape by continuing to ride and working on the ranch which requires her to perform a variety of strenuous ranch duties. Belle’s short interview response as to why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “Growing up on the ranch, I would get in scuffles all of the time with the ranch hands, who were mostly male. It was there that I learned how to fight and that I could beat most men. The women in the AWC are soft and will learn to fear me and not to mess with Texas.”

Currently 2-0


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