Peyat (5’2 112lbs 24 y/o) lives in Bangkok.  She works in a small grocery store during the day and in a bar at night.  The rumor is that she has been involved with an underground fighting club that  holds street style fights in various bars and clubs.  She is in very good shape and seems to train in some capacity.  Peyat sees the Club as a way to become a legitimate fighter.  Peyat’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am tough as hell.  I don’t take no bullshit from anyone or anytime.  I like to hurt other women that try to take what is mine.  I will dominate these soft girls.”

Peyat ready to fight!

Currently 3-2


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 96 Pacific Club Title Match Bao versus Peyat

AWC Times Magazine 4 Peyat versus Sukara

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 76 Drury versus Peyat

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 70 Analise versus Peyat

Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 14 Hiyoko versus Peyat