Wendy (5’3 104 pounds 22 y/o) is originally from South Carolina and now lives in Jacksonville.  A recent graduate she works as a marketing assistant in a large company in the area.  Wendy was big in theatre before going to college and hopes to re-enter the acting realm someday again.  Wendy’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “It’s the size of the fight in the dawg not the size of the dawg that makes the difference.  I can’t wait to own my opponent.”


Currently 2-4


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 94 Tracey versus Wendy

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 54 Wendy versus Tracey

Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 10 – Selena versus Wendy

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 26 Tisha versus Wendy