Bao (5’3 114 pounds 25 y/o) lives near Hong Kong.  Bao is a former gymnast and currently is the wife of a Chinese government official.  She loves to compete still and works out regularly in her studio.  She is extremely strong and well-conditioned.  Bao’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “My body is just as strong now as it ever was.  I work hard at staying flexible and powerful.  I will crush opponents in a fight like I crushed opponents in competitions when I was younger.”


Currently 4-1 Pacific Club Champion


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 89 Bao versus Sierra

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 59 Bao versus Charlotte Title Match

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 41 Bao versus Anushka Title Match

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 31 Bao versus Yuki