Dena (5’5 120 lbs 26 y/o) lives near Fresno.  She is a bartender in a local night spot, works as a hairdresser and occasionally works as a model in the area.  Dena recently dropped out of college, and completed beauty school.  Her goal is to own her own salon.  She views Apartment Wrestling as an opportunity to make that happen.  Dena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter – “Most of those girls are pampered little princess types.  I have worked for everything in my life.  My toughness and hard work will help me succeed.  I will kick ass!!!”

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Currently 0-3


AWC Fight Magazine #11 – East versus West Challenge Dena versus Lena

Apartment Wrestling Times Magazine 1 Dena versus Lola

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 71 Dena versus Zarah