Molly (5’10 138 pounds 19 y/o) is from a small town in Indiana.  She is going to college in the Chicago area and plays volleyball.  Her friends convinced her to participate in a fundraiser oil wrestling match and she caught the bug.  Her competitive nature drives her to be a winner.  Molly’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Look at me!  I’m in great shape.  I’m strong from my legs to my core to my arms.  I will dominate the Apartment scene!”


Currently 3-3


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 98 East Coast Title Match Drury versus Molly

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 86 Molly versus Suzette

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 47 East Coast Title Jenny versus Molly

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 28 Molly versus Monique

AWC Times Fighter Review

Molly is a top tier fighter from the East Coast Club.  Her background as a collegiate volleyball player prepared her well for the AWC’s competitive environment.  Molly remains in great physical condition because of her training regimen and practice schedule.  While tall and slim built, Molly is exceptionally strong for her body type.

Molly can fight in most styles effectively.  She is able to strike, wrestle and catfight.  Being well-rounded makes her a tough opponent to predict and counter.  While Molly typically doesn’t use dirty tactics she is more than willing to fight fire with fire when her opponent goes there.

Strengths – Her height gives her a serious reach advantage over most opponents.  Combined with her solid skills in all styles of fighting and her above average stamina and conditioning, Molly is a formidable opponent.

Weakness – Her length can work against her against a fighter skilled in close quarters.  Molly’s youth and lack of experience in general can cause her to make poor decisions.  At times, Molly has lacked mental toughness.

Overall Molly is a top tier fighter.  She has risen to the Club Champion in the East Coast Club.  Her loss to Jenny exposed a possible weakness against opponents that fight dirty and have no inhibitions.