Alessandra (5’8 135 pounds 24 y/o) lives near Madrid.  Alessandra works as a marketing consultant for an international business with offices around the world.  She frequently travels for work.  She is a former soccer player and spends a considerable amount of time in the gym working out, particularly when she travels.  Alessandra’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “Domination.  I have dominated opponents in sports and in my job.  I always play to win and refuse to lose.”


Currently 4-2


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 95 Alessandra versus Sara Title Match

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 89 Alessandra versus Drury

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 60 Alessandra versus Analise Title Match 

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 42 Alessandra versus Shayla Title Match

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 27 Alessandra versus Rachel

AWC Times Fighter Review

At the time of this review, Alessandra is the European Club Champion and remains undefeated in the AWC with a 4-0 record. Alessandra grew up competing as a soccer player. Her conditioning and toughness are exceptional and she has been able to maintain this high level of conditioning thanks to her career and attitude about working out.

Alessandra has been a resourceful and tough fighter. She has also demonstrated Good wrestling skills in her prior matches. With her size, Alessandra has been able to overpower and control her opponents. She is well-conditioned and able to outlast opponents

Strengths – Physical strength, conditioning, mental toughness.

Weakness – not sure how much punishment she can withstand if a fight turns rough

Overall Alessandra is a very good fighter. Competition in the European Club has been rumored to be weak. This raises concerns about just how skilled she might be. As the European champion, she is considered to be in the top tier of the AWC.