AWC Times Fight Magazine #2

The AWC Times staff was recently on hand for several exciting AWC matches and bring you the pictorial stories of those battles in this edition of the AWC Times Fight Magazine.  Click on the pictures below for a link to the fight.

The first three matches come from a three girl round robin tournament.  The three AWC fighters were brought together to fight one another with the winner of the tournament receiving a bonus of $25,000.  The matches featured Hailey, Luisa, and Milena each battling one another for the top slot.

In the final battle in this issue, newcomer Lysa with experience in the teen catfight club takes on cheerleader Melinda.  Melinda was eagerly anticipating the opportunity to welcome a novice to the AWC with a hard loss while Lysa wanted to make sure she showed the AWC she deserved to be a part of things.  Only one got their wish.

0 - All Three Fighters Preparing to Do Battle
The participants in the round robin tournament featured Luisa, Hailey and Milena.
0 - Luisa and Hailey Prepare to Fight
Hailey and Luisa prepare to battle it out in the opening match of the round robin tournament.

The first match featured Luisa taking on Hailey.   Both fighters were confident they would get the win as they prepared to face off in the opening fight.  Luisa was able to best Hailey in a good battle.

0 - Hailey and Milena Before the Fight
Hailey and Milena take to the rug in the second match of the round robin tournament.

Following her loss in the first match, Hailey faced off against Milena.  The European blonde made good on her promises to win the entire tournament by getting off to a good start soundly defeating Hailey and eliminating her hopes of having a shot at the tournament championship.

0 - Milena and Luisa Before the Fight
Luisa and Milena Prepare to Fight It Out in the Final Match of the Tourney.

Luisa and Milena, fresh off of wins over Hailey, met up in the tournament finale.  The outcome of this round robin match was set to decide the championship and the cash prize.  Both fighters came into the fight confident and mouthy.  The pre-fight verbal exchange was particularly nasty.  From the very start, Milena aggressively went after Luisa in at attempt to overwhelm and defeat the less experienced fighter.  For the first half of the fight, it looked exactly like that would be the outcome.  Unfortunately for Milena, she made a critical error and Luisa took advantage to reverse things and avoid defeat.  Luisa capitalized on Milena’s mistake and ended up destroying Milena in a violent and brutal conclusion to the fight.

0 - Melinda and Lysa Before the Fight
Melinda and Lysa face off in the Apartment before the start of their match.

The final bout of this issue featured Lysa and Melinda doing battle.  The match was hard fought by both girls.  Each controlled large blocks of the fight, but only one was able to prevail.  After a back and forth battle, Lysa was able to get the best of a disappointed Melinda to get her first AWC win.