AWC Times Fight Magazine #5

The AWC Times staff was recently on hand for a series of matches held in Mexico City.  The theme of the night was relatively new fighters getting a chance to battle one another.  As you might expect, nerves were high and the fights were exciting.  And to wrap things up we have some reports of other recent matches around the AWC.  The AWC Times brings you these pictorial stories and summaries of those battles in this edition of the AWC Times Fight Magazine.  Click on the pictures below for a link to each of the fights.

Rookie Night Lineup
Lena, Nikki, Marie, Peyton, Kelcie, and Keisha all ready to battle it out for new girl fight night.

Peyton versus Nikki

These two promising newcomers face off in a West Coast Club versus European Club batte.  Peyton enters the fight with a win to her name and Nikki comes in following a tough loss to what is viewed as an average veteran.  Will Peyton continue her winning ways as she tries to make a statement in the AWC?  Or will the promising new fighter from Europe get things figured out and get a win?

0 - Nikki and Peyton

Marie versus Kelcie

Kelcie enters the fight with a 1-0 record and a huge chip on her shoulder.  Marie comes in following a tough loss to a more experienced AWC fighter.  Marie wants to put Kelcie in her place and get a win.  Kelcie wants to keep her record undefeated to back up her claims to be the best new fighter entering the AWC.  Kelcie has been doing a lot of talking, will she back it up or will Marie shut her mouth.

0 - Kelcie and Marie

Lena versus Keisha

Keisha looks to get a win after losing her last match.  Lena is in her first fight in the AWC.  That doesn’t seem to keep Lena from boasting about how well she will do at rookie fight night.  Lena thinks she is on her way to being a champion in the AWC.  Will she step on Keisha as she makes her way forward?  Or will Keisha teach the redhead a hard lesson?

0 - Lynn and Keisha

Kelcie versus Lena

Leading up to the event Kelcie and Lena had been needling each other quite a bit via social media and while attending the pre-event gatherings.  When confident AWC fighters don’t seem to like each other, you can expect a meeting in the apartment.  Both these fighters believed they were superior to the other and they met up for an unscheduled match to find out who was right.  Will the redhead triumph?  Will the blonde have more fun?

00 - Kelcie and Lynn