AWC Times Fight Magazine 8 – Quick Hits and Hairpulls 2

Quick hits from around the world of the AWC.  A number of matches took place in the recent weeks and the AWC Times was there to provide coverage and pass along the results.

Glenna versus Melinda

Both of these fighters have found wins hard to come by in the Apartment. This match will give one of them an opportunity to come out with a win while the other continues her losing ways. Will the redhead Aussie get the win or will the blonde American put Glenna down under?

Shayla versus Charlotte

Charlotte has struggled in her last few matches and is becoming desperate for a win to get her AWC career back on track. Shayla struggled in the tournament and has not lived up to her status as one of the top fighters in the European Club. Both of these fighters need to get a win. Only one will emerge victorious. Who leaves this match a winner?

Rachel versus Chloe

After being stunned by Zarah in her last match, Chloe has been focused on getting back on the rug and showing the AWC that match was a fluke. Rachel has really struggled in her matches and is excited at the prospect of taking on another lightweight fighter. Can Rachel get a win against a similarly sized opponent? Will Chloe take out her frustrations with her last match on Rachel and get back on the winning track?

Yuki versus Inga

The blonde Nordic fight queen looks to continue her winning ways after getting a win over Sofia in her last match. The Japanese fighter comes in after surprising Sasha and getting a solid win in her last match. With both girls coming off wins, their confidence is high. Only one gets to establish a winning streak. Will it be Yuki or will Inga come out on top?

Sara versus Scarlett

In a recent match in the AWC, Sara met up with Sasha in a rematch of an earlier battle won by Sara.  Sasha was very upset with the outcome and vowed to have her revenge.  She was so upset, she challenged Sara to a match involving some very humiliating stakes for the winner.  Sadly for Sasha, her bid for revenge fell short as she was finished off under a humiliating face smother applied by Sara.  In keeping with the terms of the match, Sasha was forced to endure a considerable period of time as Sara’s toy. Following the events of that night, Sasha’s good friend and sometimes training partner, Scarlett issued a very public challenge of Sara.  Scarlett had never fought in the AWC, but avenging her friend Sasha was a very powerful motivator. Will the blonde avenger meet her goal or will she be another victim of a surging Sara.