Callie (5’4 125 pounds 26 y/o) is from San Francisco.  She works as a middle school teacher and coaches the girls track team.  She has been a runner all her life and runs marathons as a hobby (26 miles).  One of her strengths appears to be her confidence in herself and her ability to compete in the Apartment Wrestling scene.  Callie’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I have great stamina.  I can outlast anyone I face.  I don’t lose.  I do whatever it takes to win.  I will be the winner.”


West Coast Champion

Currently 5-0


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 87 Callie versus Tisha

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 32 Callie versus Rebecca #2 Title Fight

Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 5 Callie versus Rebecca