Inga (5’4 114 lbs 22 y/o) lives outside Stockholm.  She works as a dental assistant and is a part-time actress.  She works out regularly and loves cardio workout routines.  She has appeared in a couple of limited circulation magazines and has been in a few commercials.  She thinks Apartment Wrestling could further her acting career.  Inga’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m in good shape and I’m not afraid of these girls.  I love the feeling of being the one everyone watches.  I will be the one in the match that all the crowd sees and they will love it when I get the win.”


Currently 1-3


AWC Fight Magazine #10 – AWC Quick Hits and Hairpulls 3 Inga versus Katya

Apartment Wrestling Times Magazine 8 Inga versus Yuki

Apartment Wrestling Fight Magazine 3 Inga versus Sofia

Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 8 Inga versus Milena