Bailey (5’5 118 pounds 19 y/o) lives in the Boston area.  She is currently a student at a major university in the area.  She plays on the lacrosse team and is majoring in exercise science.  Bailey loves the outdoors and in her free time volunteers at a local children’s hospital.  She is in great shape and works out daily to stay in shape for the team.  Bailey’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I don’t know.  I guess we will find out what makes me good when I get into the arena with someone.  I play a pretty tough game and I don’t back down to anyone.”


Currently 6-2 and the AWC Lightweight World Champion


AWC Fight Magazine #11 – East versus West Challenge Jayla and Bailey versus Peyton and Chloe

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AWC Times Interview Before Match No. 83

AWC Times Fighter Review

Bailey is one of the stars from the East Coast Club.  She is strong and well-conditioned and shown to be able to withstand pain fairly well.  She is extremely competitive and has a strong desire to win every time she enters the Apartment.  She is also even-tempered and generally calm and calculating on the rug.

Bailey is reluctant to engage in dirty tactics; however, she will respond to an opponent that wants to fight in that style.  She is more or less well-rounded as a fighter and has decent wrestling skills.

Strengths – Good conditioning, powerful for her size, good emotional game

Weakness – Being well-rounded makes her less skilled than someone that is more focused in one style, reluctance to really hurt an opponent, lacks a bit of the killer instinct of a fighter

Overall Bailey is a top fighter in the AWC.  She has been successful in her career so far and is positioned to be in the mix for championship contention in the East Coast Club and the AWC overall.  Sometimes during her collegiate season she is worn down a bit by the rigors of competing and it results in less quality outcomes on the rug.