Lola (5’4 124 lbs 18 y/o) lives in a small community outside Portland.  She is currently a student at Portland State taking her basic general education requirements.  When she isn’t in class, she works a part-time job as a hostess at a local restaurant.  She loves outdoor activities and ran track in high school.  She is in great shape and hopes to make some extra money for college by fighting in the Club.  In high school, Lola dated a member of the wrestling team and they used to spar for fun.  Lola’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m pretty tough.  I wrestled a lot with my boyfriend and I had some fights in high school.  I didn’t lose so that has to count for something.  If you cross me I will beat your ass.  I have a dominant personality and I love new adventures.”

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Currently 3-2


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