Milena (5’6 125 lbs 21 y/o) lives outside of Yerevan in Armenia.  She works in a small manufacturing company during the day and helps out in a family operated coffee house when she is off work.  She wants Apartment Wrestling to provide her with an escape from this grind and some adventure.  Milena’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I am strong.  I work hard.  I need to win.  I won’t let some other girl take my opportunity.  I will crush and destroy them.  Life is hard and I am hard.”


Currently 2-3


Apartment Wrestling Times Magazine 3 Milena versus Zora

Apartment Wrestling Times Magazine 2 Luisa versus Milena

Apartment Wrestling Times Magazine 2 Hailey versus Milena

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 61 Sukara versus Milena

Apartment Wrestling Private Match No. 8 Inga versus Milena